Brittany Kerr: Jason Aldean’s mistress apologizes for kissing married country singer

Former American Idol Brittany Kerr issued an official apology for her indiscretion with married country superstar Jason Aldean on Tuesday (October 2, 2012). Brittany Kerr, who may suffer a less kind fate from the cheating scandal, explained about the situation, saying: “The actions I portrayed recently were not a representation of my true character, but a lapse in judgment on my part.” Then the Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader also gave her mea culpa to everyone that had been affected by the scandal, including her family and friends. Although the ex-American Idol contestant released her apology, she still continued to receive angry notes online. That was perhaps the reason why Kerr, whose first time singing in front of people was at her American Idol audition, decided to shut down her accounts on the social networking websites Twitter and Facebook. Above all, the 24 year-old singer hopes the scandal will soon settle down with her apology and absence in the media.

Brittany Kerr, who is now involved in a juicy celebrity cheating scandal, is a cheerleader for the Charlotte Bobcats.

The beautiful blonde looks stunning while performing in North Carolina. However, she certainly feels unhappy with the cheating scandal with father of two young children Jason Aldean last Wednesday ( September 26, 2012).

Brittany Kerr shows off her sexy curves in bikini. The 24-year-old singer also loves to become a model. “Modeling is my secret passion,” she shared on her website. She entered a contest of Victoria’s Secret Model Search in 2010.

Dressed in a tight white tank top and jeans, the Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader is spotted kissing with married country star Jason Aldean at a bar in West Hollywood. The scandal has has drawn vast media attention.

Brittany Kerr flaunts her rock-hard abs and toned legs in a photoshoot for the Lady Cats swimsuit calendar.

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Brittany Kerr: American Idol alum and Jason Aldean caught kissing in a very public setting (Pictures)

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