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Hey guys welcome to reeled is happy Friday I’m Rebecca Jarvis the chief business technology and economics correspondent at ABC news and we have a great guest here with us today. Rate valeo he is the founder of Bridgewater. Associates which is the largest hedge fund in the world a 160. Billion dollars under management and he is also the author. Of this awesome new book it’s called principles. And it takes us on a road trip through your life through all of these stories all of these lessons learned along the way. You starting your work behind. From your two bedroom apartment here in New York City 1975. Welcome to real biz. Tell us about the book tell us about the inspiration and why he would write something like this today. I wanted to writer because. I wanted to pass along. Just different things that I learned in order to be successful. What I did. Was every time I was in the situation. I would write down the criteria for making a decision. And so like created this collection of principles over a period of time when in this type of situation that type of situation what to do. Then and I didn’t want. Publicity I wanna be private but in 2000 they we and to spend the financial crisis. And we did well and we received a lot of attention because of the way that we think differently. And it was misunderstood. Generally. So I put the principles that I wrote on line there was downloaded about three and a half million times and received a lot of thank you notes. And now I’m at a stage of my life while making the transition. I’m making the transition from political the second stage of my life took the third stage in my life. You know I think that it’s that one was elected three stages basis. In the first stage of your life your dependent on others and you learn. In the second stage of your life fewer weren’t working. And others are dependent on you. And then you get to assert import pictures successful and you’re no longer interest it and being more successful yourself. The thing that you want to do was make other people successful it’s like your parents at a certain age you want to make the other people successful. And 2017. Is really my…

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