Bridesmaids dresses 101

The most important moment of your life is coming, and yet you cannot simply lay back an anticipate. The amount of things on your head is so overwhelming, that sometimes you may even forget what is your name. Dealing with bureaucracy in a church, booking a proper restaurant or dance hall where you could organize your wedding reception, choosing a reliable catering, and, of course, picking the right project for a dress. Nowadays, brides-to-be, especially in Western Europe and in the USA, tend to have larger bridal party than their mothers or grandmothers. Therefore, it is much more important to choose bridesmaids dresses than it was in the past. The army of ill-dressed bridesmaids can ruin the whole ceremony. Luckily, there are simple guidelines that will guarantee the spectacular looks of your bridal party.


The first and the most important rule is to remember that bridesmaids are to accompany a bride and to compliment her outfit, not to make her disappear in the crowd. She is the one that ought to be in the center of attention that day. Just think of it as a queen and her maids. Queen’s maids must be beautifully dresses because they are in the presence of a queen, but at the same time they are not to outshine her, as someone may have think that they are more important. The same is with a wedding. Choose dresses that do not steal attention of guests, so avoid revealing or extravagant outfits for a bridal party. Modestly dressed bridesmaids will both look beautiful and make a bride look more beautiful.


The second rule is to be careful with new solutions or projects that has not proved themselves yet. Avoid dresses with, for example, very thin, almost invisible straps, or the ones that hang on a body only thanks to a ribbon. While you may be tempted by such innovation to add more splendor to the wedding, the failure of such new solutions may ruin it completely. The last thing you want to see is your bridal party holding their outfits because the new type of a strap snapped or the original ribbon simply unties itself from time to time. Of course, some innovations really improve the comfort or looks of a dress, so it is important to use your common sense to predict whether this particular feature may possibly cause some problems.


Finally, do not forget that bridesmaids dresses have to be comfortable to wear. Circle dresses or very long ruffles may look astounding, but they may also make walking very difficult. The thing you definitely want to avoid…

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