‘Brexit,’ Uber, Cristiano Ronaldo: Your Thursday Briefing

Mrs. May will address her E.U. counterparts tonight on Britain’s departure from the union. The other European leaders will then confer separately. Also on the agenda are terrorism, migration and free trade.

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Pool photo by Stefan Wermuth

• In Britain, Queen Elizabeth II read out Mrs. May’s slimmed-down agenda, which focused on “Brexit,” at the ceremonial state opening of Parliament.

The monarch’s hat became an unexpected talking point, as many noted striking similarities to the E.U. flag.

The queen was accompanied by Prince Charles, her son and heir. Prince Philip, her husband, has been hospitalized for treatment of an infection.



Mindaugas Kulbis/Associated Press

• A Cold War redux over the Baltic Sea: NATO fighter jets confronted a plane carrying Russia’s defense minister in neutral airspace, before being chased away by a Russian warplane.

Russia canceled talks with America’s No. 3 diplomat after Washington imposed new sanctions over Ukraine.

Our Moscow correspondent met a museum director who was chastised for challenging the Kremlin’s sanitized version of Soviet history.

Finally, one of the Soviet Union’s greatest spies, Yuri Drozdov, died at 91.



C.I.A. Torture: Interrogating the Interrogators

Two men who proposed interrogation techniques widely viewed as torture are part of a lawsuit filed on behalf of former C.I.A. detainees. Deposition videos, obtained exclusively by The New York Times, reveal new insights into the enhanced interrogation program and the C.I.A. officials behind it.


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