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will be hoping to seal the terms of the nation’s divorce from Brussels when she marches on the city this afternoon to meet with Eurocrat-in-chief .

If secured, the forging of the initial deal will be used as a foundation for trade and treaty talks with the bloc as the UK breaks free from the yoke of the European Union and out into the wider world.

Eurocrats have warned Mrs May that today is the day to agree terms between European and UK officials ahead of an EU summit on December 14, with draft papers for the conference due in just eight days.

It follows months of stalling from the bloc’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier over citizen’s rights, the Irish border and the proposed multi-billion pound divorce bill. 

But with Brussels insiders confirming negotiators are “90 per cent” of the way towards an agreement, and Irish officials adding there are “intensive contacts back and forth” between London and Dublin, the Prime Minister is closer to guiding the nation towards freedom from the 27-nation superstate than ever before.



Mrs May will march on Brussels to secure the terms of Brexit

3.30pm Wales joins the rebellion

After Sadiq Khan called for a separate Brexit deal for London and Nicola Sturgeon made similar demands for Scotland, news that Northern Ireland may be offered a separate Brexit deal has prompted Wales to call for their own bespoke deal.

Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood have both tweeted to urge Theresa May to remember Wales’ interests.

Mr Jones tweeted: “We cannot allow different parts of the UK to be more favourably treated than others. If one part of the UK is granted continued participation in the Single Market & Customs Union, then we fully expect to be made the same offer.”

Ms Wood said: “A hard border at Holyhead would be a disaster for the Welsh economy. UK Govt is ignoring the Welsh national interest. Any special deal must be available to Wales and Scotland too. Welsh Government must fight for this.”

It should be remembered that Wales voted 52.5 per cent in favour of leaving the European Union in last year’s referendum, while London, Northern Ireland and Scotland all backed Remain.

3.20pm May calls Foster minutes after her speech

Theresa May is believed to have called Arlene Foster within minutes of the end of the DUP leader’s Brexit speech, in which she said her party will not…

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