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The leading eurosceptic blasted Brussels for playing fast and loose with taxpayers’ cash after damning expenses claims revealed EU Commissioners wracked up a £500,000 bill between them in just two months. 

Chief eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker splashed out £25,000 on a private jet flight to Rome, whilst the bloc’s foreign affairs boss Federica Mogherini blew £70,000 on a trip to Baku. 

EU Commission officials yesterday defended the claims, saying they were proportionate overall and that they could not find a commercial jet for Mr Juncker to fly on. 

But Mr Farage, who has previously been attacked over his own expenses claims as an MEP, said the stratospheric amounts revealed show why Britain was right to quit the EU. 

And he added that Theresa May should refuse to pay eurocrats’ Brexit bill, which has “no legal basis” and is an attempt to “bluff the British taxpaying public into continuing to fund their bureaucratic life of luxury”.

EU sources have put the bloc’s demands for a financial divorce settlement at anywhere between £50 billon to £90 billion, with the French finance minister advocating the higher amount. 

Last week UK officials reportedly said Mrs May would be prepared to pay up to £36 billion to secure a decent trade settlement, though Cabinet sources later disputed this figure. 

Ukip MEP Jonathan Bullock told the Government should agree to pay no more than around a billion pounds, which would be justifiable to tie up a few loose end contributions owed by Britain. 

And Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “As a type of political punishment beating to discourage other states like the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary from also charging to the exit door, the European Commissioners who have just travelled over the world at our expense, now wishes to pluck a figure out of the thin air and present it to the British Government with a straight face, as a ‘Brexit Bill.’ 

“Now this Brexit Bill has absolutely no legal basis in the EU treaties whatsoever. So Juncker’s Junket Commission is trying to bluff the British taxpaying public into continuing to fund their bureaucratic life of luxury.

“To agree any exorbitant Brexit bill in order to fund the salubrious lifestyle of European Commissioners and EU officials would be a huge betrayal of the British taxpayer and those who voted to leave the EU. 

“This cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstances. The people voted for Brexit not betrayal and it is…

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