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may travel to Brussels to meet Jean-Claude Juncker – or she may not, with confusion surrounding Mrs May’s gameplay. 

Leaders in Belfast, Brussels and Dublin are all refusing to back down from their demands, which leaves Mrs May in a near-impossible position. 

With the threatening to pull their support for the Tories in Westminster, Mrs May knows she must keep leader Arlene Foster onside. 

Yesterday, however, the unionist leader refused to visit London for talks and expressed surprise Mrs May had arranged a phone call. 

And Irish PM Leo Varadkar has also said Ireland will not stray from the terms already agreed earlier this week with Mrs May and approved with the EU before Ms Foster’s intervention. 

Dublin possess a veto which could block talks progressing to trade unless the country is happy with Mrs May’s assurances on the Irish border. 

Brussels says it is happy to talk to Mrs May whenever she is ready – although Mr Juncker has warned Mrs May he is “out of town” at the end of the week, a not-so-subtle hint to speed up the process. 

Live updates below. 


Theresa May is scrambling for control as Brexit talks near their deadline

10.50am – Contact at last but still issues

DUP sources said Mrs May and Ms Foster had a constructive phone call but issues remain. 

They said their were “ends to tie up” in London. 

10.30am – May and Foster talk

According to Sky’s Ireland correspondant, Theresa May and Arlene Foster are finally holding a phone call. 

Sky cited DUP sources who said the call is currently ongoing. 

10.20am – What a difference a year makes

Twelve months ago Mr Davis said: “We are in the midst of crying out about 57 sets of analysis, each of which has implications for individual parts of 85 per cent of the economy.”

Today he said these assessments were not available and their hypothetical value “is near zero”. 

10.00am – Davis under fire

The reaction from elsewhere in Parliament isn’t pretty for Davis. 

Labour and Co-op MP Seema Malhotra said “David Davishas just admitted that the Government have not conducted a single economic impact assessments on the impact to Brexit to our economy.

“Staggeringly. A dereliction of duty.”

Labour MP Bill Esterson said: “Did he know that the impact assessments didn’t exist when he said they did? It was either incredibly incompetent or incredibly dishonest. 

“Either way, how is Davis still in his job?”

SNP Joanna Cherry said: “The evidence of…

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