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When Ann Holub first stepped into the Curtis Theatre in Brea she was an audience member.

She was lending support to a friend’s kid and a few of her students from Bryant Ranch Elementary School as they performed on stage.

Nearly 25 years later, the Brea resident still shows up to the theater for performances. But instead of being in the audience, she is center stage as one of the lead actresses for Stagelight Family Productions.

“I started when I was 40-years-old,” Holub said. “I often say I went on stage instead of having a mid-life crisis.”

Holub, who recently turned 65, has performed in more than 60 shows for Stagelight Family Productions. She just wrapped up her role as Chef Louis in the Brea Youth Theater’s production of “Disney’s The Little Mermaid.”

Without any musical theater background, Holub first auditioned for the company in 1993. She had no intention of being center stage, she said, it was just another way for the school teacher to be involved with kids.

Holub was cast in an ensemble role in the chorus, but when one of the lead characters dropped out the week of the opening, Holub was pushed into the role of a toy maker in “Babes in Toyland.”

And she has never looked back.

“Whatever role is needed to be filled, including the male ones, I’m good with playing,” Holub said. “My thing has always been, ‘What is good for the kids.’ Even in my teaching career. Give the kids the experiences and make it a positive one and give them opportunities school doesn’t have anymore.”

Holub is, by far, the oldest person in the company, which has…

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