Brazil Will Expand Power Industry in Future Ten Years

Several days ago, I heard power industry will be paid more attention byBrazilgovernment.

“In the future ten years,Brazilwill expand the scale of power industry. The investment scale will be equal to 2.6 percent of the current gross domestic product”, saidVentura, the vice minister ofBrazilmining and energy.

By the way, let’s look atBrazil’s GDP firstly. The statistics published by IBGE showed that the Brazil GDP had increased 2.7 percent in 2011 and the total amount reached about 2.356 trillion dollar.

   Brazilnot only has a great amount of mine resources but also possesses rich water resources. What’s more,Brazilhas the unique advantage of developing clean energy. Besides the water resources, the northeast ofBrazilis one of the best areas where wind energy can be used fully.

In addition, mine resources is considerable. It is true thatBrazilis a major power of Mineral Resources. It is reported that, even if mining on the basis of current production, the mineral resources like iron ore in Brazil can meet the need for more than 200 years.

The vice minister ofBrazilmining and energy,Venturasaid that it was necessary to protect environment when expanding power industry. As we know, some natural resources are limited, so they should try best to make the best of them. However, environment protecting can’t be ignored at any time. According to some information onBrazilclimate BBS, the carbon emissions from power industry account for only 16.5 percent of national emissions at present. Nevertheless, the carbon emission from power industry reaches up to 89 percent.

In the beginning of last year, the national energy research company said in a research report that the electricity consumption is 4720 hundred million kilowatt. Industry is still the biggest electricity user and nearly account for a half of the total consumption. It is estimated that in the future ten years, the electricity demands will increase 4.5 percent every year.

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