BrandWizard’s Brand Management Product Deploys the Latest in Search & Analytics, and Advanced Administration Capabilities

The industry leader in digital brand management.

The volume of brand assets in companies’ portfolios has grown exponentially. You need powerful systems and processes to make the most of these assets and grow brand equity.

BrandWizard, the global leader in digital brand management, announces a release that makes its cloud-based BrandCenter product suite significantly more powerful. The updated BrandCenter incorporates cutting-edge search, filter, and sort functionality that make the search for assets and templates quicker and more intuitive. As a result, users of the product suite are more productive. The update also delivers enhanced reporting and administrative controls that allow administrators and brand managers to track and manage how the assets and product suite are being used, as well as the level of access each user has.

Advanced Search Capabilities

BrandCenter now offers the latest search functionality built on the Solr search engine, the same search engine used by websites like Zappos and AOL. Every new digital asset is automatically indexed and tagged, allowing for faster search and greater accuracy of search results. The powerful auto-suggest functionality and cross-product search capability allow users to search seamlessly across both assets and guidelines.

More Robust Filtering and Sorting

In addition to our intuitive, pre-defined filters, the brand team can define business-specific filters. Sorting goes beyond just date added or alphabetical, to include BrandWizard’s out-of-the-box tags such as dimensions, colors, and even metrics from our analytics engine such as ‘most downloaded’ or ‘most viewed’ assets.

These additional filter and sort dimensions, paired with the advanced search capabilities, enables users to sift through thousands of digital assets to find exactly what they need, quickly.

Insights and Data Visualization

The analytics engine, complemented by data visualization tools, provide detailed reports across all modules in the product suite. The metrics allow users to accurately analyze data like asset usage, adoption, and preferred file formats, from an aggregated perspective all the way down to the individual user or asset level. These metrics offer insight that users,…

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