BrandWizard Deploys Artificial Intelligence for Dynamic Brand Systems

The industry leader in digital brand management.

“It’s like a Google Alert for your brand. BrandFidelity alerts brand managers whenever the brand is inaccurately or inconsistently represented.” Vineet Singh, BrandWizard CEO

Brand managers are now able to experience their brands just as their customers do, thanks to BrandWizard, the global leader in digital brand management. BrandWizard is thrilled to announce its latest product, BrandFidelity. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision (CV), BrandFidelity conducts real-time analyses of the way a company’s brand is being represented online, compares what it finds to the company’s most recent guidelines and assets (including logos, colors, and fonts), and flags any discrepancies.

“It’s like a Google Alert for your brand,” said BrandWizard CEO, Vineet Singh. “BrandFidelity helps brands maintain brand integrity and provide a better customer experience by alerting brand managers whenever the brand is inaccurately or inconsistently represented on any digital platform, in any geographic location, or in any language.”

With large, distributed teams of marketers, agency partners, and corporate partners working across a range of digital platforms, there are always going to be missteps — a misquoted tagline, the continued use of outdated assets, or general brand misrepresentation. Such errors can have a lasting negative impact on brand perception.

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, it’s more imperative than ever that a brand deliver delightful customer experiences with every single interaction. At the same time, the speed and reach of marketing campaigns are unprecedented. These demands put significant pressure on marketing teams, increasing the likelihood of mistakes. But with AI-powered Brand Fidelity, brand managers can proactively monitor customer touchpoints, so they can take immediate corrective action before any lasting damage is incurred (like before they become a meme!).

In addition to detecting existing problems, BrandFidelity can help brand managers prevent errors in the first place.

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