Brain Training Gives An Edge To Your Kids

For a long time, we have explained how a serious brain training program could also offer an important improvement of specific cognitive abilities of children. This could then be translated in better results at school and in other activities of their daily life.

According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and an interesting article on WebMD, brain training

boost kids’ working memory and may help improve their abstract reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Children who regularly and consistently trained using a brain fitness program showed significant improvements in tasks involving working memory compared with the rest of the kids who trained on more general tasks (e.g. vocabulary). Even better, these improvements lasted more than three months after the last session of training!

Working memory refers to the temporary storage and manipulation of the information necessary for complex cognitive tasks such as language comprehension, learning and reasoning. Working memory, which is generally considered to have limited capacity, requires the simultaneous storage and processing of information. This ability stresses the manipulation, rather than passive maintenance, of information.

For example, while at the supermarket, you realize that you left your credit card at home and that you have $50 in cash. You look at your cart and add the prices of all the items there while remembering the overall sum. You then conclude that you cannot buy anything else and move to the checkout.

For a child, working memory would be use while doing mental calculus for example. It is a skill used in a wide range of activities and is essential for planning or solving the common questions and tasks kids face at school. Not having a well functioning working memory can be an impediment for a successful school education and affect the grades of these kids. Without a properly functioning working memory, information is lost. Teacher’s instructions get forgotten. Children get distracted (there are several studies showing a clear link between working memory deficit and ADHD).

This new study describes how brain training can also have a positive influence or ‘transfer effect’ on ‘fluid intelligence’ or abstract reasoning and problem solving. It confirms once again the idea that kids as adults can really change and improve their cognitive abilities through regular training.

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