Boy taunted with racial slurs, pushed off table with rope around neck

Teenagers in New Hampshire taunted an 8-year-old biracial boy with racial slurs and then pushed him off of a picnic table with a rope around his neck, injuring him, the boy’s family said.

The boy’s grandmother, Lorrie Slattery, said the teens taunted him with racial slurs on Aug. 28 in the town of Claremont and pushed him off a picnic table with a rope around his neck.

An expert on abuse who spoke to the boy at the hospital said he swung from his neck three times before being able to remove the rope, Slattery said. None of the teens came to his aid, she said.

“One boy said … ‘Let’s do this,’ and then pushed him off the picnic table and hung him,” Slattery said.

The boy was treated at a hospital for injuries to his neck and has been released.

Claremont police and the Attorney General’s Office confirmed that they are investigating. Police said the investigation focuses on other juveniles who are 14 years old or younger and because of state law, few details can be released.

“I want to assure everyone in our community, our neighboring communities, and the nation at large that we take all reports made to this agency very seriously, and will complete our investigations in a thorough and professional manner,” Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase said.

A rally against racism drew a large crowd in Claremont Tuesday night in response to the alleged incident.

“Having heard the story about the boy, oh my gosh, it’s just so horrible,” said Monica Colby, of Lebanon.

“It definitely warms my heart to know that people care,” said Lorrie Slattery, the boy’s grandmother.

Slattery said it’s been a difficult few weeks.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster, up and down. It’s been sadness, anger, all those emotions are flying around,” Slattery said.

Gov. Chris Sununu released a statement saying that the AG’s office sent a team to Claremont to assist in the investigation at his instruction.

“Yesterday on my instruction, the Attorney General’s office sent a team to Claremont to provide assistance,” Sununu said. “It is my expectation that local and state authorities will investigate appropriately and I’ve asked for regular updates on how things are proceeding. Hatred and bigotry will not be tolerated in New Hampshire.”

“Racism and hate are not a thing of the past. I’ve seen it in my job. I’ve seen it in the reports that I’ve read,” Chase said.

Because everyone involved is a child, police can release few…

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