Bowel Cancer and the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Cancer of the bowel or colorectal cancer as it is commonly called is cancer that goes after the cells that are around the bowel itself. This type of cancer is really very curable if caught and treated early on. And early on treatment is the key here. If it becomes advanced, the chances of a successful remission of this cancer are smaller.

Basically what happens in bowel cancer, is that there is what is referred to as a mutation occurs. The cells which link back to genes, begin to become uncontrolled, and thus, a number of cells bunch together, forming cancer. Polyps are actually what these formations are called, and in this stage of pre-cancer, are called an adenoma in medical terms. Polyps can be removed via a colonoscopy if found in time. If not found soon enough, these formations of polyps will continue their growth on and on, until they are lodged in the colon, forming the cancer growing environment there. So this explains why a colonoscopy is good preventive care.

Once these polyps have now turned cancerous, you would begin to notice symptoms. The main thing a person will then notice is bleeding from the rectum.

There are some colon cancers that do not actually come from a polyp stage, but come from lesions instead. These cancer types with lesions are usually on the right side of the colon.

If colon cancer keeps on progressing, then the cells that have the cancer  will fall away from the growing tumor, and attach themselves to other places such as the liver and also the lymph nodes. At this stage it is very serious, since the cancer has metastasized, and is not easily cured or placed into a remission status.

As bowel cancer continues advancing in the person who has it, there will not only be blood in the stool but things such as vomiting, and an blockage that will then cause very severe abdominal pain. Anemia will set in since there is a definite loss of blood through stools, and the person that has this condition will become very unwell.

In diagnosing this problem, the doctor would first do a digital rectal exam first thing. Then, using an instrument known as a sigmoidoscope, take out a piece of tissue examining it in a biopsy. To go further yet, a gastroenterologist will do a barium enema testing process. The bowel is blown up so that all details show. The whole procedure takes about one-half hour.

If bowel cancer is present, then the treatment options will be laid out. Chemotherapy is one option, and in other cases, they can do bowel surgery…

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