Today’s big story: Boston sports fans

The most powerful moment in the history of Boston sports came a few lines into the National Anthem last night at TD Garden:

Focus on that heart-tugging moment when featured singer Rene Rancourt, backed by the Boston Fire Department Honor Guard, drops his microphone, because the entire area of Bruins fans — of Bostonians — wants to carry the song and their own spirits.

There isn’t much any of them — any of us — can do about what happened on Monday at “4:09,” except display the inspiring resiliency the rest of the country would expect from New England.

For all the narcissistic relief of Red Sox Nation in 2004 or the triumphalism related to the Bird-era Celtics or the faux-arrogance associated with the Patriots Super Bowl champs, these are trifles.

What we saw last night was fandom — community — at its best. Hopefully, it provides comfort to those impacted and fortitude for the rest of us.

“Boston Strong,” indeed.

More of today’s winners:

*Los Angeles Lakers: In the playoffs and extending the most intriguing storyline of the NBA season. Without Kobe, it isn’t quite as interesting (and the Lakers’ chances of pulling a first-round upset is basically nil), but the otherwise obvious NBA Playoffs landscape is infinitely better for having the Lakers to add drama.

*Boston sports fans: The full-throated rendition of the National Anthem by the entire crowd at the Bruins game was the most inspiring moment of the year.

*Andrew Wiggins: Headliner of the American Family Insurance All-USA boys basketball first team. Joined by Aaron Harrison and Julius Randle (both going to Kentucky), Jabari Parker (Duke) and Jahlil Okafor (still just a junior).

*Stephen Curry: Sets NBA record for 3s in a season. Best shooter since…? (OK, since Ray Allen, who is still very much in the mix.)

*Carmelo Anthony: Your 2012-13 NBA scoring champ — Kevin Durant’s concession via Instagram was great:

Meanwhile, it’s easy for Carmelo to