Borderless Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 360˚ FOV Motorcycle Helmet

CrossHelmet X1’s rear camera and wide-view visor provide 360° visibility

We know motorcycle riders want improved safety without compromising experience. We’ve engineered the CrossHelmet X1 to fulfill both demands.

Today Japanese company Borderless launched a Kickstarter campaign for CrossHelmet X1, a smart motorcycle helmet that features 360˚ FOV, ambient sound control, and connectivity for maximized safety and experience. Early bird pricing for the crowdfunding campaign starts at $1,399 (retail value $1,799).

Safety is of the utmost importance to most motorcycle riders. The engineers behind CrossHelmet, who have developed products like the Yamaha MT-09 and the Walkman, knew this and designed a tech forward helmet that combines safety and design. The project has been selected as one of the first to launch on the new Kickstarter Japan platform.

“High accident rates are often caused by low visibility. Our unique technology alleviates this problem by providing a rear camera that displays what is behind you to eliminate blind spots,” said Founder and CEO Arata Oono. “Sound control limits distractions, further enhancing the overall safety of the rider.”

The CrossHelmet X1’s rear camera captures 170° directly behind the driver. It is then combined with a wide-view visor that allows more road-view and peripheral vision, offering 360° visibility.

Loud noises can increase rider stress and fatigue. To address this, the helmet is equipped with CrossSound Control, a patented noise reduction system that is the first of its kind in the motorcycle industry. It uses an algorithm system to filter out sound distractions like road, engine, and wind noise, while maintaining noise cues that are needed for rider safety. The system can also enhance environmental sound as needed.

An accompanying Bluetooth-enabled CrossHelmet app lets users check battery levels, control safety lights, adjust noise settings, and access maps. It is linked to a bifocal, heads up display at the front of helmet showing compass direction, weather, time, and navigation. A group chat feature allows the rider to communicate with multiple people at once, even those without a CrossHelmet. The helmet’s speakers provide high quality music,…

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