Booming Multimedia Arts Careers in the Philippines

With commercialization becoming a worldwide trend, the Philippines is not left behind in joining the multimedia rush. Nowadays, many companies in the country pay employees who are knowledgeable in the use of various media platforms. 


Different companies from varying industries require the expertise of educated and highly trained professionals in improving their marketing and promotional techniques. Here is a list of the different kind of jobs that multimedia arts students in the Philippines can take on after graduation.


  1. Game Designer – Such professionals help create different game elements, be it off or online. Knowledge in multimedia is crucial as the job involves creation of layout, game concept, game play, and sounds
  2. Web Content Producer – Content for a web site needs development and improvement, and that’s where a web content producer comes in. They are tasked to manage and maintain web sites and keep it up to par with the company’s standards.
  3. Animator – Multimedia graduates can use their knowledge in giving life into a series of drawings. Animators are required to be visual in order to convert still drawings into moving cartoon or film strips.
  4. Software Developer – This job will require you to write, modify, and debug application software. It demands the technical know-how of a multimedia artist to create source codes for client applications.
  5. Web Designer – They create designs for web sites, based on the specification given by the client. And as some designs need to match a pre-set theme or logo, they also make sure that all site elements follow suit with the demands.
  6. Video Producers – These professionals help develop, write, and produce various videos, involving various tasks such as script writing, information research, materials and equipment purchases, video editing, staff planning, and more.
  7. Art Directors – This job expects you to supervise artists in creating print and ad materials,…

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