Book Shows Life of ‘A Natural Child In A Foster Care Home’

Tanja Luayne believes that foster care not only impacts the children in need of a home, it also affects the children who already live there. With this thought, she releases a book showcasing the life of a natural child in a home where many foster children are being taken in to provide a home to and the results of that life. Through “A Natural Child In A Foster Care Home” (published by Inspiring Voices), Luayne also elucidates that not all foster homes are bad and such a place is a good avenue where many people can help protect children and be there to help raise healthy adults.

The story is told through the perspective of the young girl who grew up on a farm with her parents, four natural children and 22 foster children. Each child special in their own way and all of them like a sibling to her. Her story offers a unique perception of the trials, blessings, joys and struggles that come from being a natural child in a foster care home. She shares her journey through her eyes as a child, a teenager and even as an adult. She also shows the adventures and challenges while illustrating the life lessons learned and how she applies them today.

Luayne invites readers to take a look into a world where foster children and natural children grow side by side, experiencing life together and seeing some of those results. These true stories display deep feelings each child experienced as they walked through both disappointments and achievements.

“A Natural Child In A Foster Care Home”

By Tanja Luayne

Softcover | 5×8 in | 58 pages | ISBN 9781462411818

E-Book | 58 pages | ISBN 9781462411825

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Tanja Luayne is in lay ministry reaching women, men and young people through love and compassion to see they too have a purpose and can be healed from the inside out. She hopes that this book will bring even more awareness to the challenges out there and open doors to do more for hurting people through the many groups already out there and new ones beginning.

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