Book about ‘Two Journeys’ gets new marketing campaign

What prompted Daniel C. Nelson to write “Two Journeys: Father and Son Wresting Meaning and Hope through Suffering, Forgiveness, and Prayer” (published by Xlibris in December of 2013) stems from the journey of his son Christopher, who died at the age of 29 from cancer and Nelson’s own journey along with him.

Set for a new marketing campaign, the book is about the spiritual journey of two people, a father and his son, who found purpose and meaning in their lives through their individual episodes of suffering, their struggle to forgive and their faith in the power of prayer.

“This is a writing about how Chris found meaning and purpose during his final days and how through witnessing my beautiful son, I found my own meaning and purpose,” Nelson admits. “This meaning-making is intimately related to my Christian faith and the fact that my meaning-making is deeply connected to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.”

“Chris demonstrated to me and others that the pursuit and attainment of Christian hope can be found through a deeper understanding of the true meaning and purpose of life, the acceptance of suffering, the embracing of forgiveness and the intimate connection between prayer and hope. This book is about how the final days of Chris’s life enabled me to understand the vital connection between meaning-making, suffering, forgiveness and prayer toward finding true Christian hope,” Nelson concludes.

“Two Journeys: Father and Son Wresting Meaning and Hope through Suffering, Forgiveness, and Prayer”

By Daniel C. Nelson

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 166 pages | ISBN 9781493152629

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 166 pages | ISBN 9781493152612

E-Book | 166 pages | ISBN 9781493152636

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

After a very successful career as a corporate executive, Daniel C. Nelson decided to take an early retirement in order to pursue a second career as a pastoral minister in the Catholic Church. In order to prepare himself properly for this calling, Nelson achieved several academic degrees, including a master’s degree in pastoral ministry as well as theology from Boston College and a doctorate degree in ministry from Andover Newton Theological School. Additionally, he became a board certified Catholic…

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