Bond Interface Design Ltd. Releases Program Picker Software Which Improves Accessibility and Maximises Efficiency

Program Picker

Program Picker has been designed to provide all kinds of PC users with a simple and intuitive means of accessing their favourite programs and data files, and switching between them using the fewest number of key strokes possible.

This user-configurable software interface provides users with the means to simply ‘pin’ specific programs and work files to particular keyboard keys and software tiles. One key press or click of a mouse launches Program Picker, a second directly accesses the particular program or file that’s needed.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 PCs, Program Picker presents users with a simple page of four rows of software tiles – 40 tiles in total – mapped to the top four rows of a standard QWERTY keyboard. As well as its rapid access and task switching function, the interface grid also clearly highlights all active programs and files.

For more demanding PC workstation configurations, Program Picker actually supports 200 pages of 40 tiles, equating to 8,000 different programs and files, all accessible via successive page-turn clicks or page number selections. For smaller touch screen devices, Program Picker presents a 4×3 selection grid with larger tiles, accessed via the 12 standard function keys.

And to help users keep a tidier desktop when using multiple programs and files, Program Picker also includes a handy ‘Quick Snap’ function enabling instant resizing of active program windows. Using seven pre-defined keys or tiles, users are able to quickly select half and third page (landscape or portrait), quarter, sixth and eighth screen window sizes.

Also included in Program Picker is a ‘Switcher Mode’ designed to make copying and pasting of data between up to four different…

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