Body Language Killers One Need To Avoid

When it comes to businesses today, customers generally tend to listen through the eyes no matter what you are saying. Always remember that your body language does have something to say about you. When you are giving a presentation, or running a sales meeting, you are actually coming across a confident, credible, insecure, disreputable and something out of your league. So in such situations how do we develop our body language. When it comes to body language avoid the common mistakes and replace them with the most common movements that could make a big mistake to you and your business.

  • Avoiding Eye Contact: This is one big mistake most of us could ever do. Avoiding eye contact indicates that dont seem to be confident enough, you are not prepared and there is a lot of nervousness. So make sure that while giving presentation you look into the eyes of your market audience. Majority of them spend their time noting down the important facts and figures, watching the videos themselves.

  • Slouching: Another mistake. Slouching here indicates that you are un authoritative and you are lacking of confidence. So make sure you are standing lean and width forward, putting your shoulders appearing more of masculine. Do not take the support of a podium, or a table showing the laziness in you.

  • Fidgeting: Fidgeting gives the idication of being nervous, and not prepared. Fidgeting would lead or serve you with no purpose. It would take away of all the opportunities you have in your business, leading your business to a loss and what ever activity you are doing.

  • Standing in one place: Standing in one place indicates that you are rigid, nervous having no interest to what the others are saying. So it is very important that you walk, move and stand a bit closer to your clients and customers, welcoming them to what ever you are saying. Also make sure that you dont stick with them making them feel that you have no interest in listenting to what ever you are saying.

  • Keeping hands in…

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