Boarding Schools for Troubled Children: Teaching Lessons in Academics and Life

Oftentimes, as children grow up, they experience disappointments and face problems in life. Children undergoing such painful experiences need the full attention of trusted adults. Children need to have trusted adults who will listen to them pour out their feelings and thoughts, and teach them lessons about academics and life. Teenagers who are dealing with family problems, struggle with mood swings, display aggressive behavior, or engage in illicit activities often find the counseling they need in boarding schools for troubled children.


Boarding schools for troubled children aim at educating and counseling their wards. These institutes offer traditional classroom set-ups with homework, exams, projects, quizzes, recitations, etc. In addition, students have regular class schedules, mealtimes, break times, and dismissals. They also engage in recreational activities such as camping, sports, and fieldtrips. However, unlike traditional schools, boarding schools combine cognitive and behavioral therapy sessions with their academic curriculum. There are also fewer students engaged in each therapy or classroom session, which helps educators and therapists assist their students better.


Therapeutic boarding schools offer social, intellectual, and emotional guidance to their students. Moreover, the academic performance of the children plays an important role in their curriculum, as academic achievement goes hand in hand with the emotional and psychological well-being of these children.   


Many troubled children deal with the issues of peer pressure, low self-esteem, and a negative self-image. These issues can severely affect their emotional well-being, and their ability to interact with others. However, boarding schools for troubled children aim to change the negative behaviors and self-perceptions of these children. With their effective and supportive programs that offer therapy within an academic environment, boarding schools are indeed some of the best places…

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