Blurred UX of iPad Application Development

When Apple had released iPad first time, the word tablet becomes the popular in mainstream and since then iPad is getting higher selling with each new version. Initially iPad development was at primitive stage and many new iPad apps were coming with simple and common UX mistakes like evasive back button, lack of search field and maze navigation.

With passage of time iPad developers have realized such common mistakes and started some advance iPad application development. Now common mistakes were totally disappear in most of the iPad apps, but some UX mistakes were persistent due to blurred UX concepts between iPhone and iPad UX.

If you carefully observe the use cases of iPad you will find that most of iPad versions are big except Mini, but Mini too is capable to get place in the pocket of end users, of course it will free your one hand to operate it freely while you are on the move. Therefore, there are obvious distinctions for iPad that it won’t be used quickly and dirty ways as iPhone.

iPhone always used by a single user while in case of iPad is not true thus, your iPad app development must not for single user but should have in considerations of multi-users like your kids will play games together or you will pass your leisure by playing chess on iPad with your soul mate or friend.

Generally iPad is used in relaxed moods unlike iPhone which is available in every moment as it is a Phone after all. CPU and graphics capacities of iPad is greater than iPhone so we can’t write same code for both device if you actually want to give excellent iPad relevant user experiences in a large and complex iPad apps development projects. Thus your iPad programming will differ here than iPhone.

In case of iPhone we never leave it from the hand when we use any app but in case of iPad that is not true. Just imagine you have an iPad development project for some cooking related activity so you can’t expect that users will use it keeping in her hand but would prefer to leave it alone and see the app content without touching it so your iPad app programming should target those UX requirements and designed and programming that app. If you have question that how that possible. Let’s take help of latest technologies like Siri and can devise that app such a way that user can operate it through verbal instructions in her kitchen.

If your intentions to give excellent UX you need to think of the unusual use cases like if you carry an iPad programming for a magazine than your user…

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