Blue Pillar Recognized by JMP Securities “Efficient Fifty” as a Leading Private Company in Industrial and Energy Technology

Based on its recent analysis of the industrial and energy technology industries, JMP Securities, a San Francisco-based investment bank, recognizes Blue Pillar in its inaugural Efficient Fifty Private Companies listing as a distributed resource management technology that helps energy providers and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) companies overcome reliability and resiliency challenges. Blue Pillar is also the first in market to offer Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS), a turnkey energy networking solution. Blue Pillar was selected, in part, on its merits as a company that supports greater energy efficiency and operational flexibility, while also enabling improved relationships between energy service providers and their customers.

Blue Pillar is an Energy Internet of Things (IoT) platform company with the goal to seamlessly connect distributed energy resources (DERs) — new or old and all makes and models — to help commercial facilities, utilities, and energy service providers avoid power outages, balance the grid, alleviate grid stress, offer revenue generating energy services, and drive higher levels of efficiency and data interoperability. Its ENaaS offering is a seamless, end-to-end service built on Blue Pillar’s award-winning Aurora platform that allows energy service providers (ESPs), utilities and application providers to gain access behind-the-meter data and control without the need for costly system integration or internal operations deployment management. Blue Pillar’s ENaaS offering eliminates operational deployment and maintenance concerns and delivers all hardware, installation and configuration, and the full lifecycle management required to keep the network alive. Behind-the-meter data and control is accessible through an open Application Program Interface (API) that dramatically reduces development time and costs.

“What set Blue Pillar apart from many of the other companies we analyzed was Aurora’s ability to simplify the chaos behind the meter,” said Joseph Osha, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at JMP Securities. “The Aurora platform is revolutionizing the way companies think about achieving greater energy efficiency and resiliency in a way that sets it apart from the competition and puts it…

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