Blockchains Projected to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry by 2025: Analyst

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Blockchain technology has the potential to save billions of dollars in healthcare costs

According to a June report by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, blockchain technology—and the cryptocurrencies that use it—will revolutionize the healthcare industry by 2025. These developments are already underway, with startup cryptocurrencies targeting the inefficiencies of the current healthcare industry.

Analyst Kamaljit Behera from Frost & Sullivan’s Transformational Health team asserts that blockchain technology “holds the potential to save billions of dollars by optimizing current workflows and disintermediating some high-cost gatekeepers.”

Specifically, engineers are looking to blockchain technology to resolve longstanding problems involving data operability, cybersecurity, insurance notarization, and medical billing fraud.

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CoinMD, Inc. is one healthcare startup posed to disrupt the healthcare industry by offering its members access to a private blockchain and cryptocurrency specifically designed for healthcare payments.

The company lays out its stance in an extensive white paper entitled How Will You Pay for Your Healthcare After You Retire? As CoinMD members use the cryptocurrency to pay for healthcare goods and services, the value of the currency is expected to grow. This should mitigate healthcare costs, which many experts expect to rise to unsustainable levels for oncoming generations of retirees.

Download the CoinMD white paper:

A key development occurring now is the use of blockchain technology as a service, which allows decentralized computing to take place across entire networks. Blockchain-based membership networks like CoinMD seek to replace traditional safe-haven assets like real estate and gold by offering members a better value that suits their personal goals.

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