Blackberry Curve 9330 Smart Phone

If you are a Blackberry fan, then you will love this Blackberry Curve 9330, which is a Smart phone that comes with the trademark QWERTY keypad. If you have touchscreen, then is the best option that you will get in a decent price tag. Yes, this model gives you the pleasure and the ease to stay connected, to have fun, to update your status and help to stay organized every day. So this is not just a handset, it is a companion that will be there with you 24/7 to help you stay organized.

It is a 3G Smartphone that has been creating waves of success in the market. It comes with the RIM wireless modem and security features like the FIPS validation and the password protection. The Blackberry curve 9330 price in India is Rs. 12,500 approximately and is well priced so that you get high end features that make your life easy and convenient.

This perfect little smart phone has a display screen of 2.46 inches and is a TFT screen that displays around 65K colors. The resolutions provided are 320 x 240 pixels. When it comes to design, it has the same traditional Blackberry structure which is very popular and very convenient to use and best suits those who do not like the touch screen technology. With just 104 grams in weight, you can easily carry it anywhere and also slip it easily into the pocket. It comes packed with Blackberry OS 5, and can also be upgradable to Blackberry OS 6, which is quite a relief as most of us really love the futuristic features that provide us with the best of performance and smoothness.

The Blackberry operates on CDMA frequencies so that you get swift network connections seamlessly. However, some might find the memory to be very stingy that comes at 512 MB, but you will definitely love the external addition of up to 32 GB, which is quite a handful via the microSD memory card. It has this highly responsive optical touch pad that will never let you down.

Get on swiftly with life with the provided pre-loaded apps like the Twitter and Facebook, which are…

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