Black Rhino Aftermarket Truck Wheels Introduces the Predator

Black Rhino Truck Wheels – the Predator

The bold graphical shape comes to life with the bare metal reflecting perfectly with the deep lip.

Black Rhino Wheels has achieved renown as a manufacturer of heavy duty alloy wheels engineered for the muscular trucks and SUV’s preferred by off road enthusiasts, as well as the great looking and often quite over-sized wheels sought by truckers who enhance their rides to conquer the urban jungle. The company’s new wheel design for 2017 includes the Predator – available in large sizes to appeal to the custom lifted truck segment. Predator truck rims are named after its stealthy appearance, with design details that sneak up on the person that views it.

The Black Rhino Predator is a stealthy mesh design in the world of off road wheels. It’s a modern interpretation of a classic, brought into the new age with contrasting milling inside the spoke recess. “The bold graphical shape comes to life with the bare metal reflecting perfectly with the deep lip,” explains John Narciso, TSW wheel designer. “We really wanted to make these wheels as punchy as possible with this feature. The execution is straight forward – the metallic lines really come to life with the glossy black finish. That deep dish in motion make those reflections move into a captivating effect. From far away the spokes almost float, but up close the triangular details in the center tie the rest of the mesh together into a strong statement for the awesome trucks we had in mind.”

The Predators custom look sets it apart from your standard truck wheels with its geometrical purity. The angles pointing inward combined the milling reflecting on the deep lip add many dimension of depth to this design. Up close or far away, there is a…

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