BIXOLON Releases SoftAP Support for Thermal Mobile Printers

SPP thermal mobile printer family

With SoftAP functionality, we’ve greatly improved the Wi-Fi onboarding experience.

BIXOLON Co., Ltd. a leading global mobile, label and POS printer manufacturer, today announced the addition of SoftAP network support for its growing SPP thermal mobile printer family. Developed in response to the market demand for “operating system agnostic” device configuration, the SoftAP feature enables selected BIXOLON 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch handheld printers to easily attach to a Wi-Fi network for immediate printing performance right out of the box. Users simply connect the printer to any 802.11a/b/g/n network and enter the network name to begin wireless printing from any Microsoft® Windows®, Android™ or iOS® device. In addition, with SoftAP, users can configure their entire installed base of BIXOLON printers via a web browser and remotely perform common administrative tasks including firmware updates, printer reboots and configuration of user login credentials. These simplified maintenance capabilities are especially beneficial in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, logistics, healthcare and other transaction-intensive environments that support Wi-Fi networked, on-the-go employees.

“Connecting a mobile printer through an Adhoc connection has been historically cumbersome since it required non-technical users to configure a network IP address,” noted John Kim, BIXOLON director of marketing. “With SoftAP functionality, we’ve greatly improved the Wi-Fi onboarding experience. Users connect to the BIXOLON mobile printer the same way they connect to Wi-Fi networks every day—it’s much simpler and more familiar now.”

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