Bitnami Launches New In-Cluster Kubernetes Application Console

Bitnami, the leading provider of packaged server applications for any platform announced today the availability of Kubeapps, an application deployment environment that empowers users to discover, launch and manage pre-packaged Kubernetes-ready applications and developer tools from within their Kubernetes cluster.

“Bitnami is the leader in application packaging and Kubernetes is the leading platform for container orchestration. We have been heavily involved in the evolution of the Kubernetes platform and contributing to its success with a focus on projects that define how applications are packaged, discovered and deployed,” said Sebastien Goasguen, Sr. Director of Cloud Technologies at Bitnami “While we’ve created and contributed to some excellent standalone tools to simplify Kubernetes for early adopters, we’re excited to empower the next generation of Kubernetes users with a unified experience that further simplifies the deployment of Kubernetes-ready applications. Kubeapps is that tool.”

Kubeapps builds on Bitnami’s work in creating and contributing to popular Kubernetes projects like Helm, Monocular and Kubeless, and leverages expertise in application packaging and containers to provide a simple, secure and comprehensive way to deploy applications for a Kubernetes environment. New users and Kubernetes experts will find value in the Kubeapps product design which provides a simple CLI for installation, a web UI for in-cluster application launch and management and a web portal for additional community contribution and social interaction including the ability to rate, review and share applications.

The Kubeapps project has three primary components:

  • Kubeapps CLI – a command line interface to bootstrap all the required tools onto your Kubernetes cluster
  • Kubeapps Application Dashboard – an in-cluster console for discovery and deployment of Helm charts and Kubeless serverless Functions
  • Kubeapps Hub – A community hub to discover, rate and review pre-packaged Kubernetes applications that is accessible or through the Kubeapps console in your Kubernetes cluster.

Kubeapps combines the simplicity of Bitnami click-to-deploy applications with leading Kubernetes tools to deliver an in-cluster experience with Kubernetes-ready applications that are:


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