Bitnami Cabin Kubernetes Mobile Dashboard Now Open Source

As DevOps goes mobile, tools like Cabin for managing your clusters while on the go are critically important. I’m looking forward to seeing where the community will take the Cabin project!

Bitnami, the leading provider of packaged applications for any platform, announced today that Cabin, the first mobile app for Kubernetes™, will become an open source project.

Continuing the Bitnami mission to simplify the packaging and deployment of cloud and containerized applications, Bitnami has decided to make the source code for Cabin, which became part of Bitnami’s portfolio through the recent Skippbox acquisition, available to simplify collaboration and encourage further development. This contribution follows recent Bitnami efforts in the cloud-native and open container space, including core contributions to Kubernetes-related open source projects such as Helm, Monocular and Ksonnet, as well as Bitnami-led projects such as the Kubeless native serverless framework, the Kubernetes application deployment management tool Kubecfg and the Kubernetes-ready application catalog.

Cabin is a mobile dashboard for Kubernetes for managing kubernetes clusters remotely. With Cabin, users can quickly manage Kubernetes applications with easy scaling of deployments, execute commands in containers, access logs, and even add or delete labels. Cabin allows users to quickly add multiple clusters and manage the Kubernetes resources that make up a microservices application.

Key features include:

  • Create basic deployments Scale deployments and replication controllers
  • Expose deployments via services
  • Remove and add labels
  • Access logs in multiple containers
  • Execute commands in containers
  • Switch service types
  • Open NodePort services in browser
  • Integration with GKE for single click cluster provisioning

“We are pleased to make Cabin open source and we look forward to working with the community of contributors around the project and the growth that an open development environment will bring,” said Sebastien Goasguen, Senior Director Cloud Technologies, Bitnami. “With Bitnami leading the development of monocular and other Kubernetes projects it became clear that we needed to open source Cabin to let the community add more functionality…

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