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Bitcoin cash price chart: Latest price and news as BCH cryptocurrency swings

A group of miners created the volatile cryptocurrency – bitcoin cash (BCH) – after ‘forking’ off from the main bitcoin blockchain on Wednesday. 

The unprecedented fork in bitcoin’s existing software and transaction history gave bitcoin users ‘free money’ in the form of BCH tokens.

The price of Bitcoin cash surged above $750 dollars before falling and rising again on the first full day of trading, according to CoinMarketCap. WHAT IS THE BITCOIN FORK?

Experts have warned that proper price discovery has not occurred yet because many users were unable to start trading straight away. 

CoinDesk said a group of miners and developers have created an alternative network to prove bigger blocks in a bid to increase network capacity.

Amid concerns over trading chaos and the impact on bitcoin’s price, here is a look at the latest cash price and breaking news. (All times BST) WHAT IS BITCOIN CASH?


Bitcoin cash price chart: BCH price swings on Wednesday August 2

Thursday August 3 

7.58pm: Bitcoin trades steady despite bitcoin cash rivalry

Bitcoin opened at $2,723.58, according to CoinDesk. Bitcoin’s high is $$2,792.65 and bitcoin’s low is $2,718.22 so far today. 

Bitcoin closed at $2,772.56 on Wednesday after having opened at $2,735.59, according to CoinDesk. Wednesday’s high was $2,772.56 and its low was $2675.68

Bitcoin cash meanwhile is trading at $433.27 as of 7.58pm.

1.31pm: “CoinGate see bitcoin cash as ‘unpredictable development’

In a statement, CoinGate said: “We are not going to natively support Bitcoin Cash and accept incoming BCH payments at this time. 

“CoinGate Team sees the Bitcoin Cash split as an unpredictable development that has not, as of yet, been tested sufficiently, and does not have nearly enough support in the market to become a sustainable and valuable addition to the crypto-universe.

“Please note that with further development of Bitcoin Cash, we might start accepting Bitcoin Cash through a third party (as we cooperate with ShapeShift), if this service is sustainable.” 


Bitcoin cash v bitcoin: Top cryptocurrency table as of 11.03am on Thursday August 3

1.35pm: Bitcoin cash dips after cryptocurrency swing on Wednesday

Bitcoin cash is at $428.76 at 1.35pm, according to CoinMarketCap. But it is still has the third largest market cap, just behind bitcoin and ethereum. 

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