Biscom Leads the Evolution of Fax with New Digital Fax Solution

Biscom, the leading provider of secure document solutions for regulated industries, today announced the availability of Biscom Digital Fax. Designed to replace faxing over phone lines and significantly reduce fax expenses, Biscom Digital Fax delivers high-speed, encrypted, point-to-point connections to securely transmit high-resolution, color documents and images. Biscom Digital Fax is currently available as a standalone solution, or as an integrated solution with Biscom’s industry-leading FAXCOM solutions.

As a cloud solution, Biscom Digital Fax allows access across multiple devices including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and multifunction peripherals (MFP).

“It’s time to go beyond traditional fax. Immersing fax in color only made sense, and was a natural next step within the evolution of fax,” said S.K. Ho, founder of Biscom. “Biscom Digital Fax offers an entirely new way of sending high-resolution color images securely and quickly. Now, we’ve eliminated the pains of dealing with the analog lines of standard fax, and we’ve built something better. ”

In industries where image detail is critical to decision making, such as the healthcare industry, where patients’ health often relies on images with significant detail to diagnose problems, Biscom Digital Fax is vital. Additionally, the new product fully complies with strict regulations, including HIPAA, SOX, and FERPA.

“For organizations that need to instantly and securely deliver high quality lab reports, Biscom Digital Fax is a must,” said Mike Adriani, CEO of Graphite Solutions Systems. “Additionally, as a HIPAA compliant solution, Biscom Digital Fax offers organizations peace of mind when transmitting documents.”

Key product capabilities include:

  • Send high-definition color faxes quickly without analog telephone lines
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of faxing
  • Automatic local or remote printing of received color documents on MFPs
  • Apps for Microsoft Windows, Apple iPad/iPhone, and Google Android tablets and phones
  • Encryption and authentication for enhanced security
  • Transmission of custom metadata with images, barcode, and OCR features
  • Biscom Digital Fax applications include built-in image viewer with mobile signing

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