Birds – Migrate to Different Regions for their Survival

Some people can forecast the changing seasons by watching the migratory birds. Avian migration is a usual process, but not all birds come under this category. Humans are always fascinated by the phenomenon of bird migration and they consider birds as a symbol of unity, peace, beauty and celebration of life. Why birds make such long journeys?

One of the major reasons behind migration is the scarcity of food. If all birds concentrate on the same tropical area for a long time there will be a food shortage and this affects their feeding and breeding habits in a negative way. So some birds migrate to northern regions from tropical regions to take advantage of the food supplies available there. When food resources start declining in the migrated regions, they will return to their homeland.

Though food will be the main cause of migration, some other reasons related to migration are climatic changes, protection from predators and certain diseases. When certain conditions including low temperatures are not favorable for breeding, birds will migrate to regions where conditions are better. Many arctic birds migrate to temperate habitats when the temperature at that region begins to come down. Similarly, certain birds from the hottest tropical regions will migrate to better climatic conditions for laying eggs and raising their chicks. To protect young one from predators can be the other reason behind avian migration. Birds fly to favorable regions and feed their young ones till they attain maturity. Most of the birds are seen in groups and the breakout of a disease can remove the entire flock from the earth. To avoid this, birds will migrate to different locations to reduce the chance for spreading the disease in the entire population.

Migratory birds take preparations before starting their journey. This includes reducing the fat content in the body and taking a lot of foodstuffs to streamline their feathers and give body full strength and stamina. When weather conditions and…

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