Bindomatic’s Accel Line of Binding Machines Has Arrived

Bindomatic’s new Accel Ultra processes documents twice as fast as the previous generation of binders.

The new Accel line pushes the limits of binding efficiency.

Bindomatic AB, the Binding Efficiency Experts and parent company of Coverbind Corporation, today announced the unveiling of the Accel line — a new generation of best-in-class document binding machines. The line includes the Accel Cube and Accel Ultra which use Bindomatic’s innovative binding process to offer users a faster, stronger bind in an off-line, automated machine. Both the Ultra and the Cube use patented glue and heat to thermally bind documents as they move through the machine at an incredible rate.

“We are excited to officially launch the new Bindomatic Accel series in all of our global markets,” said Göran Tolf, Bindomatic’s CEO. “The new machines are twice as fast as the previous generation, with even better binding strength and quality. They will further establish Bindomatic as the number one choice for all high-volume printroom and walk up office environments.”

The Accel Cube’s Drop&Go Technology has been enhanced, making it an amazing two times faster than the previous generation, at least 45x faster than punch and bind, and more than 30x faster than tape binding. Rivaled only by the Accel Ultra, documents move through the machine at the rate of 60 documents per minute. The Accel machines feature additional upgrades including unmatched quality and strength of the bound documents as well as a sleek, new, modern look.

The top-of-the-line, Accel Ultra boasts a batch-loading feature that slices the total processing time in half. This high speed machine easily keeps pace with any printer on the market, making it the fastest off-line binding solution.

“The popularity of our technology continues to grow as customers realize the many benefits of our binding machines and covers,” said John Davis, Bindomatic’s CMO/CSO. “From large print rooms to small offices, from those in the manufacturing, education, professional services, etc., our customers see the effects of faster binding times through increased productivity and decreased labor-hours. The new Accel line pushes the limits of binding efficiency.”


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