Bill Pullman reveals ‘Spaceballs’ cast feared blue screen would make them go blind

The science fiction comedy “Spaceballs” first premiered in 1987 and now 30 years later, its star Bill Pullman revealed some surprising facts about the beloved film.

The 63-year-old actor told The Hollywood Reporter the cast were worried the film’s blue screen would make them go blind. According to Pullman, they were warned the screen could damage the optic nerve or make them pass out.

“They had a belief back in those days that the blue screen was bad for your eyes,” he explained. “I can’t remember if it was Mel [Brook] or the assistant directors who heard this, but they would call cut and everyone would put their sunglasses. It was so hard to work the comedy in between takes when everyone was wearing sunglasses.”

John Candy, who played the Chewbacca-inspired character Barf, also had difficulties of his own. Pullman said the actor’s mechanical ears and tails caused him serious frustration.

“That was a trying day for John,” said Pullman. “He wanted to play it a certain way, Mel wanted it a different way, and then he had to deal with the mechanical issues of the ears and tail. John’s sense of comedy was so ephemeral, it was these shy, short moments and there was real difficulty delivering that while trusting the ears and him wanting more control over the tail.”

Still, Pullman insisted Candy always remained a professional on set.

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