Bill Hall Jr. death: Driven to Extremes

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[This story first aired on Oct. 15, 2016. It was updated on June 10, 2017.]

Nikki Hall and her brother, Justin, had great times at their family home during the 32-year marriage of their parents, Bill and Frances Hall.

“We spent Christmases, Thanksgivings — almost every holiday was spent here — in this room.

During Christmas my mom loved watching everyone open their gifts,” Nikki Hall told “48 Hours” correspondent of the family’s living room. “This is the home that they built together.”

The Hall family: Nikki, Bill, Frances and Justin

Nikki Hall

Nikki says being a member of the Hall family meant having loads of fun.

“Give me a sense of what kind of a mother Frances was and what kind of a person she is,” Van Sant asked Nikki.

“Just a loving, kindhearted, honest individual. She is always willing to lend a hand … especially when it came to my brother and I,” she replied.

“She was more of the disciplinary [sic]. My dad was the one that said, ‘Let’s just spoil them. Let’s give ’em, you know, whatever they want,'” said Nikki.

And Bill Hall could spoil his children because he and Frances, who got married when they were just 18, had built an empire on wheels.

Bill and Francis Hall bought their first truck in the early 1980s.  And then, they grew Bill Hall Jr. Trucking into a multimillion-dollar business — at its height, worth $15 million.

“As a child growing up, I saw a lot of love in my home. My parents worked together, so at times, it wasn’t all love, but at the end of the day, they came home together. Mom cooked dinner, Dad was there,” said Nikki.

After Nikki and her brother became adults and moved out of the family home, Bill began to indulge his own whims. He bought a Harley Davidson Street Glide bike that he customized and painted powder blue, his company color.

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