Bill Boyd should release raw video of China presentation: ethics expert – Saskatchewan

Democracy Watch spokesman Duff Conacher says there’s an easy way for  Saskatchewan MLA Bill Boyd to clear the air about a business presentation he made in China — release the video.

Conacher, the co-founder of a watchdog group that examines ethics in government,  has been looking at Boyd’s involvement in a Chinese immigration scheme — a venture highlighted in a CBC iTeam investigation earlier this week.

CBC discovered that in March, Boyd went to China looking for investors for the Modern Hi-Efficiency Agriculture Corporation. Boyd told CBC he’s the chairman of the company.

He said he told a seminar in Beijing that he was appearing as a farmer — not a representative of the government.

At that event, Boyd and his associate told a group of Chinese nationals that an investment in Modern Hi-Efficiency could be their ticket to permanent residence in Canada.

On a website and on posters promoting the seminar, Boyd was presented as Saskatchewan’s minister of the economy — though he resigned that position in August 2016.

A government of Saskatchewan logo was prominently featured on the promotional material. In addition, the promoters posted online that the Ministry of the Economy was actually involved in creating the project.

All MLAs should demand release of video: Conacher

Conacher says the seminar in China was videotaped, so Boyd should release it.

“In order to follow the rules and the ethical conduct Boyd simply has to be open and honest about this situation fully which includes disclosing an unedited version of that videotape,” he said.

Conacher said every member of the legislature, including the Premier, should be demanding Boyd release that video.

The case has already prompted Premier Brad Wall to raise concerns about the government possibly being misrepresented.

NDP calls for RCMP, border agency to investigate

Earlier in the day on Friday, the Saskatchewan NDP Opposition said it has formally asked the RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to investigate Boyd’s China dealings.

“It appears based on the information we know so far — and I’m sure, hopefully, there’ll be more information forthcoming — that there potentially is some misrepresentation and some fraud that occurred,” said Sarauer.

Boyd says he’ll release conflict of interest report

Earlier this week, Boyd also called for an investigation into his actions related to this company. He asked the conflict of interest commissioner to…

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