Beyern Aftermarket BMW Wheels introduces the Rotary Forged/RF™ Antler model

We designed the Antler Wheel using inspiration from BMW’s sporty M style bumpers

Beyern Wheels, a leader in BMW aftermarket wheels solely for BMW cars and SUVS, introduces the new Antler wheel. The Antler takes BMW’s complementary mesh wheel style and reinvents it for the modern world. These BMW wheels feature a ten window mesh pattern with crisp corners and three dimensional surfacing made possible only by the company’s new adaptation to advance design software.

Named after its bold Antler-like appearance, the wheels spokes horn from its center meeting the lip with mirror machine triangular shapes. Available finishes include Silver with Mirror Cut Face or Matte Black with Gloss Black Face. Proud and graceful as the reindeer, the Antler’s mesh geometry will perfectly accommodate BMW’s ultimate driving machines.

“We designed the Antler wheel using inspiration from BMW’s sporty M style bumpers,” says Alvin Thai, designer at Beyern Wheels. “BMW car bodies feature smooth organic shapes on top and become more crisp and defined moving towards the bottom. We wanted to design a wheel that would fit right into that mold. The Antler Wheels form language complements BMW’s angular shapes such as the fog light housings. It is a wheel that gives the viewer different shapes and patterns based on the angle that they are observing from. We chose the mesh styling because we know BMW owners have favored that form for many years, but we wanted to reinvent that style not recycle it. We wanted to bring something new to the table and the result is the all original Antler.”

Antler BMW Wheels are made with Rotary forging® technology, which while more complex, results in a wheel that is both dramatically lighter in weight and stronger than a conventional cast alloy wheel. A rotary forged® wheel is created from an initial thick cast molding, it is then spun at high velocity stretching the rim to desired widths. During this process of high velocity compression the metals molecular structure is fundamentally altered creating a much stronger alloy than a traditional cast alloy. The result is weight saving to the outermost circumference of the wheel, so that rotational mass is dramatically lowered which enhances vehicle performance and…

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