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It started pretty simply with serum-soaked cloths for giving your face a healthy hydration boost, but the popularity of sheet masking has gone stratospheric and there are now multiple textures, targeted treatments and wacky ways to wear them. So whether it’s your eyes, neck, lips or even hands that you want to concentrate on, there’s a product to suit.

“The biggest benefit of quality sheet masks is their efficacy in delivering concentrated doses of hydration and active ingredients into skin,” says Starskin co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen. “The sheet mask creates a barrier for your skin to really absorb the nutrients and moisture before the serum evaporates.” For a de-puffing option, pop them in your fridge first then feed your face with goodness. 

One of the quirkiest arrivals is the newly launched Dr.Jart+ Rubber Mask Hydration Lover (£10; 0800 123400,, which will give you delightfully dewy skin. Apply the ampoule of hyaluronic acid-rich serum to your skin then press the hydrating rubber mask around your face to allow the actives to soak in. Remain rubber faced for 15 minutes or hydrate to the max with an intensive 40-minute session while you watch Bake Off. 

Pretty, but definitely not purely style over substance, Dermovia Lace Your Face Brightening Bearberry (£40 for four; 0161 813 1481, helps combat hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Saturated with brightening serum, the gauze-like lacy mask clings to your skin and comes with a chinstrap for extra compression and coverage. 

Who needs Harley Street tweaks when you’ve got The Oozoo Face In-Shot Mask Age Cure (£8; 0800 123400, It might look scary, but the syringe simply mixes the ingredients so they’re at their most potent and fresh when you add them to the sheet mask.

Ingredients include skin-firming beta-glucan, hydrating Ectoin and collagen-building resveratrol for a fast-acting, anti-ageing cocktail that gets to work within 20 minutes. 

Whether it’s de-puffing or blurring fine lines you want, hone in on your eyes with DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack (£16.50 for six treatments; 0800 023 2425, Packed with collagen-boosting multi peptides and hyaluronic acid, these targeted, eye-shaped mini masks will pep up the most delicate skin in 10 minutes flat. 

Go for a little flower power with Origins Flower Fusion Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask (£5; 0800 054 2888, Ideal as a pre-bed beauty ritual, this is made with 100…

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