Best Web Hosting Package – To Run Multiple Websites


The last 2 decades clearly reveal that the use of internet has grown up. Every tenth person in the world feels the requirement of a website. This has given hosting companies a chance to expand. Those who cannot form large company can pay for a reseller hosting from outside or from other big companies and resell hosting to others, using the resources of the companies.

The ongoing trend in the world of the online industry is reseller hosting. This article will provide you with necessary information on what is reseller hosting and how to select a good reseller-hosting provider.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting or paid hosting refers to the selling of website space to numerous customers. They can even select among various types like shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. The clients can select the type of hosting according to their requirements.

How to choose best hosting to run multiple websites?

  • Platform: the most important step involved in the selection of a hosting provider is to decide the platform of web server, which is being utilized by the provider, i.e. web server runs on LINUX, UNIX or WINDOWS. You are required to look after the customer’s needs. Many of the customers make the use of open source technologies like PHP, PERL or Python etc. For this purpose, you should choose Linux based server.

  • Features: After selecting the type platform, the subsequent step is to gain knowledge regarding the features that the customer usually desires. Usually a customer wants the following features: Disk space, Databases, Bandwidth, Sub-domains, Back-ups, Script like CGI, Python SSI, PERL etc, E-mail and FTP accounts, and Server uptime.  

  • Support: If the hosting provider is giving 24/7, support services to you in terms of domains that you will host, technical issues and various other interlinked issues you should not waste your time on thinking but grab the package. A large number of providers are lethargic in giving support services.


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