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All natural things like milk, fruits and vegetable must be included in our diet plan. If one takes proper nutritious diet, then only health can be maintained. Health refers to the state of physical fitness and mental stability. Fruits play a very vital role in maintaining your body fitness as they are rich in glucose and fructose. They help in reducing extra fat from your body if taken before meals. They also help in preventing diseases like calcium deficiency because fruits are full of calcium. Oranges, kiwis, Mulberries and prunes are some of the fruits that contain calcium and provide protection against calcium deficiency.

There are many fruit exporters that provide fresh and highest quality of fruits. They mainly deal in bananas and pineapples. In Asia, Philippine is one of the popular destinations that deal in Cavendish bananas and pineapples. To make your body perfect, a proper balanced diet is very essential. Fruits are highly beneficial for health. They offer a wide range of bananas like Lady Finger, Cavendish and Williams. Philippine Cavendish Bananas are preferred by hotel owners only. These exporters offer a variety of bananas available in two ranges such as:

Class A big hands:

  1. Length : maximum 7.5 inches, minimum 6.5 inches
  2. Expected life: 9-11 weeks
  3. Calibration : maximum 39 mm, minimum 36 mm
  4. Bananas per bunch : at least 12
  5. Fingers per box : average 85-105 (13.5kg)

Class B small hands:

  1. Length :maximum 12 inches, minimum 7.5 inches
  2. Expected life : 9-11 weeks
  3. Calibration : maximum 47 mm, minimum 39 mm
  4. Bananas per bunch : at least 12
  5. Fingers per box : average 76-88 (13.5kg)

Apart from bananas, they also export different types of pineapples all over the world. MD2 is one the popular types of pineapples used for consumption purposes. These fruits are packed in safe containers. They also provide the specifications regarding pineapples such as:

  1. Net weight – 12kg/box
  2. Sizes – Big 5,6,7,8 per box. Small – 9,10,11,12 per box
  3. Color depends on the market…

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