Best Editing Picture Application For Windows Phone


If you love taking photograph with your smartphone everywhere you go then published it on twitter, facebook, instagram, or any social networking that you use at the moment, perhaps you will need some editing done. Getting a little bit touch, put in effect and things help make your picture better and unique. Now I’m gonna tell you 3 ideal applications for these purposes specifically for Windows Phones. There’s plenty of app to choose from, some having a great feature with a little bit cost and several totally free. Here the list of excellent picture editing app for Windows Phone user to choose from.




This apps is on the list of best one for picture editing application accessible for Window phones with plenty of feature as well as a excellent lighting effect. Even better is that you’re able to combine every one of these effect to generate a new picture with various look and feel. In addition, the result is also different from each user because of the variety of effect available. You’re able to edit, create, and share every image you want with tons of effect like 51 filter, 84 lighting effect, and 67 borders. Highly amazing for mobile app since you can come up with a good result without having to use Photoshop or other main heavy editing software around. Lomogram also own a share feature to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, along with other major social network website on the web. 


Fantasia Painter


This application is quite attractive, and really ideal for children or teenager. You will see a remarkable effect such as frames, rainbow, and another fantasia things you would ever guess. Beside allow you to add in fantasy effect, this apps also supported by additional setting and feature like opacity level, size, jitter, etc. lots of effect will impress you and it’s quite interesting to test, you can even design your picture with fantasy theme without the need for creating one. This app has 32 style of brush which includes fur, make up, and paint. This app is work with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. You are able to download this app at no cost.


Fhoto Room


This apps gets a Community pp Award for the best photo mobile application of 2012 recently, having good editing tools including exposure, crop, and color correction, this app do a very good job for editing. Furthermore, Fhoto room offers some extra feature for example editing style and frame. You are able to select a photo to edit from immediate shoot as well as from…

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