Best Age to Start a Family

In today’s world scenario where no one has time to think even for their health, it’s a common question arises several times that what is the best age to start a family? Or what is the golden time to start a family? Basically the dilemma of age for starting the family has been an old debate without any accurate solution. Every researcher has different opinion and suggestion on this issue. Some says 29 is the best age to start a family and others believe that women should aim for 34 for this. But as our medical science get more advanced and provide various chances to start family later in life, young couples avoid having sex in their right age and lead to infertility.

To clarify the best age, we here discuss three major cases on which most of women planning to get pregnant with some experts views as well. We talk three women of different age like one was 20 when she became mother, second was 30 and third one is still planning at her age around 40. When we are young, we have high energy level and if get pregnant at this age we can understand our children more and can become their friends as there is not so much age difference. But at the same time miscarriage occurs mostly in early age as our body is not familiar with some facts and most importantly it is quite difficult to become a young mum and also you don’t have time to make your career as well. However according to some experts, younger woman have lower rate of intervention in pregnancy and also have greater chance of post natal recovery.

If you are planning to start your family at late 30’s, keep remember that your fertility starts declining and in some cases it becomes hard to conceive at this stage. Diseases like endometriosis and any other will also magnify as your age grows and because of some chromosomal abnormalities, the chances of miscarriage is also increases. On the other hand having children at this age, women have sense of balancing the relationship between the study, travel and other tasks of life. At this age most of the women set in their career and been able to take a step forward with her half life experience.

Some are trying to conceive at their late 40’s but make sure that there is no physical advantages at this stage of life. Your fertility is almost low and people who marrying later will mostly faces infertility trauma. However according to other experts, women at this age are more financially stable and can afford private health insurance to start a family. So all in…

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