Best 5 Tips to Organize Your DropBox

Dropbox, one of the prominent cloud storage services is a close competitor of Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, and many others. The service is widely acclaimed by users located around the world for its easy to use interface and simple functionalities. Dropbox also holds some special place in the queue of cloud computing services as it allows the developers to come up with their own apps and services. It is actually something more than just a file storage system as you can easily use this tool to backup and organize important files and documents that might be scattered across all over the web. For making optimal use of this service, you should start syncing all your favorite videos, music files, important documents, scanned papers, and other related things to the utility.

The storage capacity of such services won’t let you think before what you’re actually saving on your account. But remember, the more stuff you sync, more complex it will be to organize them. Cloud computing helps you to stay connected across multiple PCs, Windows, Mac, or Linux, irrespective of their brands and locations. An account on cloud can soon becomes a platform for saving all your important details, data, messages, and others. As you keep on saving your files on the account, it becomes very difficult to manage the whole chunk of waste mails or files that aren’t needed anymore.

In this article, you’ll read about the best 5 tips that can help in organizing your Dropbox, thus making it more presentable and easily accessible.

  1. Clean up by naming folders year-wise

Some of you might not feel productive with Dropbox as it saves all the stuff in a combined form. Having a set of folders named by year, or by purpose can resolve this issue easily. Many times you’ll find yourself lost and digging through files while looking for a particular email, but this method of naming mail folders by years can immediately alleviate that stress. Just create some folders and name them as…

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