Bert® Wi-Fi Plug Load Management System Delivers Enhanced Network Capabilities

Bert Product Family

“Bert now provides enhanced security and performance to meet the changing requirements of today’s Wi-Fi networks.

Best Energy Reduction Technologies, LLC (BERT), the leading supplier of Wi-Fi based plug load management systems, announces immediate availability of the Bert® 110E for customers requiring WPA/WPA2-Enterprise and/or 802.11n. The Bert 110E was recently installed at Carmel Central School District in New York as part of an energy performance contract delivered by Honeywell. The district installed 886 Berts in 5 schools controlling, printers, charging carts, copiers, projectors and vending machines.

About Bert® 110E

The Bert® 110E adds enhanced security and network capabilities to the Bert Smart Plug family which controls and measures individual 110V/15A loads. Customers can now use Radius server authentication to authenticate each Bert® 110E with a unique user name and password. In addition, the Bert® 110E takes advantage of the improved reliability, extended range and faster speeds provided with 802.11n technology.

“We realize many customers have increasing requirements for wireless networks in terms of both volume and security. The Bert® 110E increases both network performance with higher bandwidth and network security with Radius server authentication. Customers who don’t require the additional security or bandwidth can continue to order the Bert® 110M”, says Scott Yetter, CEO of Best Energy Reduction Technologies, LLC.

The Power of Bert®

Over 100 school districts, colleges, state/local governments and sporting venues save over 3 million kWh annually with Bert®. Using patented technologies and a facility’s existing Wi-Fi network, Bert lowers standby plug load energy…

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