Berkeley Students Speak Out About Free Speech

I don’t believe conservative speech is hate speech in the first place, but if it was, it’d be very clearly protected. Just as the students have a right to protest peacefully these speakers if they see fit.

William Veroski, 22, an interdisciplinary studies major from Orcutt, Calif.

‘I understand the privilege that free speech is’


Umar Akram

Eric Lau

At U.C. Berkeley, I was surrounded by strong-minded and opinionated individuals who debated and engaged in discussions that emboldened my opinions and views. I speak with more passion about my convictions than ever before but now being back in Pakistan I understand the privilege that free speech is as well.

I speak up against the blasphemy laws and it is not uncommon for me to be silenced, told of the dangers to my life for even discussing such issues from those around me.

Umar Akram, 22, a 2017 graduate from Lahore, Pakistan, with a double major in economics and political science

‘It’s the ultimate irony: suppressing free speech under the banner of free speech.’


Zachary Levenson

Stuart Hall

Speech that questions the very humanity of any person on campus has no place in a university. Let’s call it what it is: hate speech. There are people claiming that certain members of our community are not fully human, and we’re being asked to legitimize this as an admissible argument?

This is speech that attempts to limit the free speech rights of entire categories of people by virtue of their ascribed identities. It’s the ultimate irony: suppressing free speech under the banner of free speech.

Zachary Levenson, 34, a graduate student from Richmond, Va., working toward a Ph.D. in sociology.

Some students were angered that the university has to spend money and provide security to provide a space on campus for these speeches. Others believed outsiders who weren’t part of the campus community were disrupting their education.

‘These protests don’t belong on our campus’


Sofia Hamilton

Rita Mae Nuevo

During the talk by Ben Shapiro, the helicopters over campus were so loud it was hard to focus on schoolwork, and last year my program…

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