Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight, by Michael Dotsikas, Encourages Kindness and Compassion to Overcome Life’s Challenges

We are always looking to take self-published authors with previous success, like Mike Dotsikas, and launch those authors on a national level that they could never achieve on their own. –Milli Brown, CEO Brown Books

What happens when you leap before you’re ready to fly? Elephants, giraffes, lemurs, and more work together to get you off the forest floor! All of these animals have one thing in common: they all try to help Benjamin Birdie back to his nest when he falls from the top of his tree. Brown Books Kids is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated national release of Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight by Michael Dotsikas.

Imaginative author, Michael Dotsikas, and talented illustrator, Morgan Spicer, vividly bring to life the story of Benjamin Birdie and his helpful animal friends. In this adventurous tale of friendship, compassion, and determination, Dotsikas reminds us that even when things don’t go as expected, we can adapt to any situation with humility, kindness, and appreciation and we can learn from our mistakes, gaining valuable and positive lessons from all of life’s experiences.

Believing he can fly like all the other birds, Benjamin Birdie takes a courageous leap off the top of the tree – despite his mother’s warning that he isn’t yet ready. When he tumbles to the forest floor, a lively group of animals below his nest must help him back to the top of his tree.

“We currently live in very divisive times,” Dotsikas says. “[Benjamin Birdie] teaches us that we could overcome divisiveness and contention with one simple attribute – kindness.” Each animal Benjamin meets tries to help, but it takes a team of creatures – including a tree kangaroo, kinkajou, sloth, and others – to help him get back home. Benjamin Birdie’s First Flight shows children that it’s perfectly okay to ask for help, and that it’s important to always try your best to help others in need. “I want children (and adults) to keep in mind that despite our differences, when we’re kind to one another, we can accomplish great things that will fulfill and enrich our lives,” Dotsikas says. “Being humble and kind is the best way to live our lives and have the greatest impact on humanity.”

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