Benefits of using Reclaimed rubber


The environmentalists across the world are practicing the common phrase ‘Reduce’ ‘Reuse’ ‘Recycle’. The flourishing automobile industry is one of the major contributing factors in the production of rubber. Being the chief producer of Reclaimed Rubber and third prime manufacturer of rubber, India is also the fifth largest consumer of natural and synthetic rubber. People are becoming more environment friendly because everybody now is becoming more concerned about the Mother land, Earth.



The disposal of tires is creating a big problem and threat to the atmosphere. Eco system is getting degraded thus causing harm to the ecological balance. To prevent the environment we all need to be aware of proper disposing and recycling of car tires. Car tires are made up of latex and rubber sheet which are quite difficult to recycle and reuse. The rubber which is used to make car tires undergoes vulcanization process. Vulcanization is the process to add sulphur in rubber to create tougher bonds. Reclaim rubber India uses the technique of freezing with the use of liquid Nitrogen. One more method to recycle rubber is Pyrolysis which includes melting of rubber in open air that prevents toxic fumes.



Reclaimed rubber tires can be used in various industries as a substitute. There are several uses of recycled rubber such as:

· Steel and glass industries make use of shredded rubber to augment coal fuel.

· Shreds of tires can be used in landfills to provide protecting covering.

· Reclaimed rubber can be used in cushioning playgrounds, schools, parks and decrease the effect of bad impact when the child falls on the floor. 

· Clothing industry also use recycled rubber in making sole for raincoats, work shoes and sport shoes. It is also used for waterproofing clothes.

· Metropolitan cities are now replacing the conventional pathways of concrete panels made up from reclaimed rubber. They will reduce the maintenance costs and are more resistance.

· Recycled…

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