Benefits of Hiring an Au Pair

Sometimes, people who find that they are in need of a nanny, decide on hiring an au pair instead.  Nannies and au pairs are essentially the same thing, with a few differences.  Basically, an au pair is someone that you hire on as a nanny, who is from a foreign country.  They usually perform the same kinds of duties that live-in nannies do, and accept a small salary and room and board in exchange for their services.  Thee typical services may include housework, watching children, cooking and running errands.  

An au pair provides several benefits to a family, which is why they are a popular choice in the world of nannies.  Like a nanny, an au pair will assist your family with everyday duties, making your job easier and removing a lot of the stress from your shoulders.  Problems with transporting kids, having household chores done on time, meals prepared on time, babysitting and entertaining your kids are ways your life will be made easier.  Caring for children in their own home is also a benefit, because they are always in comforting and familiar surroundings, which adds to their development.  

Other common nanny duties like laundry, grocery shopping and general housework help to take the burden off you when you get home each day.  If these kinds of jobs are already finished, you’re able to spend more quality time with the kids, exercise, or do other things you don’t normally have time to do.  Running yourself ragged trying to get everything done takes away from valuable family time, and can start a cycle of being too tired to get everything done, but then having things pile up because you choose rest over doing it.  Having live-in help means that many of these issues can be avoided, and you can live your life the way you want to live it.  

One advantage that an au pair brings to your home that you won’t find with domestic nannies is a unique cultural experience.  Since she is from another country, she will bring her thoughts, ideas, traditions and songs with her.  You and your kids will get an education in her country of origin, and will likely get to sample traditional foods, as she is sure to have recipes from her own country.  

If you feel like hiring an au pair is the way to go for nanny services, contact an agency as ask how to get it done.  Most agencies that deal with nannies should be able to help you out.  They will also be able to take care of the screening process, so you end up bringing over someone who is trustworthy…

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