Benefits of having patent attorneys assist in securing a design patent

Benefits of having patent attorneys assist in securing a design patent

Why is it good for patent attorneys to help out their clients when navigating through pages and pages of patent application paperwork? Some inventors feel that filling out patent applications is a simple process. This detailed process includes inventors having to accurately describe what their invention does, why it is useful and provide illustrations of how their product will work in order to secure a design patent. Some inventors aren’t aware of the wording choices that should be used in patenting, where as an attorney is used to compiling these documents time over time. Because patent attorneys have navigated the process many times, they can help inventors avoid many common mistakes when filling out patent applications, which could potentially delay the process. What mistakes might clients make? Some people assume that they don’t have to go into much detail since this is only one minor step toward getting a design patent. However, it’s most useful for inventors to be as detailed as possible when filing out patent applications. This helps them have a better chance at securing one.

Are patent attorneys expensive?

Patent attorney fees may seem expensive upfront, but in the end, these attorneys usually wind up saving inventors thousands of dollars. Many don’t realize that there is a fee assessed if an inventor fails to get their design patent approved the first time they fill out a patent application.

Patent attorneys’ fees generally range from around $10,000 to over $30,000, depending on how many trademark names patent attorneys must file in a bid to find a design patent name. However, this is still a cheaper option than spending years trying to get a design patent and having to obtain any patent attorneys later in the patent applications process.

Is your time valuable?

Seasoned veterans who are familiar with patent applications are generally familiar with the patent process, and will…

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